Residents of cloudy states can still benefit enormously from solar power.

When considering whether or not to look into the potentially enormous benefits of solar power, many people throughout the United States outright reject the idea. “My state gets no sun three months out of the year”, they object. In the mind of many, such objections are grounds for dismissing off hand the idea of even looking into solar power.

With modern solar panels, a cloudy location is far from being a deal breaker.

How Many Solar Panels Do You Need?

Many people are turning to solar power to cut their electric costs and to better the environment. Some, in jurisdictions where it’s allowed, are selling power back to the grid to help others. While it is true that not all people can provide 100 percent of their power through solar, a great majority of them can provide at least 70 percent. That alone cuts their power bill immensely. Here are the steps to figuring out how many solar panels you need:

Check Your Bills.


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Get to know Melvin Jewett

Melvin Jewett helps the RED Group team install solar panels and educate NC residents and business owners on the benefits of solar energy.


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Get to know Christian Lofton

Chris Lofton shows off a residential solar panel system.Christian Loften and his business partner, Jeff Redwine, are co-founders of RED Group NC, a NABCEP-certified company. With over 600 solar panel projects under the group's belt, Christian has learned what needs to be done to exceed client expectations and deliver ROI on solar energy projects.


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