Sustain Charlotte




Sustain Charlotte is a community based nonprofit organization that specifically serves the Charlotte and Mecklenburg area. Dedicated to educating, engaging,  and uniting the area’s citizens, Sustain Charlotte’s mission tackles the challenges that has arisen with the city’s growing population.


As a member of Sustain Charlotte, Renewable Energy Design Group shares the value in a sustainable urban growth and education. We support and are helping Sustain Charlotte :


  • Educate and inspire Charlotte area citizens about the choices that lead to a healthier and more vibrant community for generations to come.

  • Provide critical information and opportunities for greater and more diverse citizen engagement in the decisions that shape our region’s long-term sustainability.

  • Build government, business, and grassroots support for public policies and best practices that further social equity, sustainable use of our natural resources, and economic prosperity for all.

  • Bring together Charlotte’s government, business, nonprofit, and academic leaders to work together towards 'Charlotte 2030' – the regional sustainability vision we launched in 2010